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These photos were taken by Dr. Gwen Childs to help medical and graduate students learn microanatomy. The slides are from the slide set used by the medical students at the University of Texas Medical Branch.  We hope they will guide you in your study of the structures and help you with the laboratory material.

epithelia connective tissue bone, cartilage blood muscle
lymphoid/immune digestive cardiovascular respiratory skin
mammary glands endocrine nerve urinary system  
   eye, ear male reproductive female reproductive  

Practice exams

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Practice slide show 1
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Female reproductive system
Male reproductive system

The following exams are based on photographs from
UAMS Medical student text resources for Medical Cell Biology

| Mitosis or Meiosis | Epithelium |

| Connective tissue | Muscle |

Exams based on the web atlas (below)

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Web Atlas Table of Contents:      


  Simple Columnar Epithelium

  Simple cuboidal epithelium

  Simple squamous epithelium

   Pseudostratified columnar epithelium    

    Stratified squamous epithelium

     Stratified columnar/cuboidal epithelium   

      Transitional epithelium

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Connective Tissue

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Specialized Connective tissues


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Cartilage and Bone

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Nerve, Ear, Eye

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Mammary Glands


Lymphoid system/Immune system

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Digestive system 

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Cardiovascular System


Respiratory System

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Kidney/Urinary system

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Endocrine System

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Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System





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