Touch and Position Sensory receptors

Touch/pressure/vibration receptors in skin

Skin also includes important pain, touch and pressure receptors. A Meissner's Corpuscle, which is a touch receptor, is shown in the following figure.

If touch is transmitted via these types of receptors, how is pain transmitted?

Another very large receptor looks like a sliced onion. It is called a Pacinian corpuscle. The following photo shows two Pacinian Corpuscles .

What is the function of the Pacinian Corpuscle?

Stretch receptors in skeletal muscle.

Muscle spindles are receptors that actually contain muscle fibers enveloped in a connective tissue sheath. Nerve fibers are wrapped around the fibers to detect the degree of stretch on the muscle.  Find a muscle spindle in your slide of skeletal muscle. Identify the Intrafusal fibers.

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